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Server Services

Since our start in 2004, JK Technology Solutions has experienced countless repairs, upgrades, and other types of server support. We know the unique circumstances that can arise for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we do it all! Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of the hardware and software portion of servers, giving you a well-rounded approach with a personalized touch. Whether you’re just starting out and need advice or have an entire system set up, we’ll work with what you have to give you the results you want. We provide convenient solutions to all your server service needs.

server services

Server Service Elements

  • Windows & Linux Server Design, Installation, Configuration, and Support
  • E-Mail Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Local and Offsite Backup Services
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Repairs and Upgrades

Personalized Server Services

server services

Our server services are part of a wide range of custom IT solutions designed to best serve our customers. JK knows that every moment you spend trying to manage your own server could be spent on more important things. That’s why we offer custom services for every customer.

  • On Your Schedule. You can call on us 24/7 to talk to a server professional who knows your business. We’ll provide a fast and complete solution to your problem every time.
  • Professional Service. Wouldn’t you let the pros handle the tricky stuff? Save your time, energy, and frustration while we come up with an answer.
  • Free Consultations. If you want to know more about how our server services can work for you, we’d love to talk to you during a free consultation. There’s no pressure or obligations!

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