PC and MAC Services

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PC and MAC Services

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As a business, ensuring that your computers are running smoothly is critical. When workers have to spend a portion of their day on IT issues, no matter how small, you need a faster solution. That’s why JK Technology Solutions offers PC and Mac services suitable for businesses of any size! We’re your all-in-one service for both PC and Mac machines to take care of everything from scheduling updates to handling your remote workers’ access. We’re here to help whether you use one system or a combination of the two, making sure you can spend your time more efficiently.

pc and mac services

PC and MAC Service Elements

  • PC and MAC Setup and Installation
  • PC and MAC Repair and Maintenance
  • Local and Offsite Backup Services
  • Windows Updates
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Hardware and Software Installation
  • Pop-up Ad Removal
  • Wireless Networking
  • Custom Built PCs
  • Remote Computer Access

What Our PC and MAC Services Include

pc and mac services

When you choose JK for your PC and Mac services, you get access to our team of highly-trained IT professionals. Our USA-based team is quick to respond and ready to get the problem solved fast.

  • Time-Saving Response. Since we’re available around the clock, we’ll save you hours of frustration by giving you the correct solution in a timely manner.
  • Custom Solutions. Do you need extra attention given to virus detection? Need help with a tricky network? We’ll keep notes and work proactively.
  • For Every Budget. Not every business is built the same, and that’s how it should be! We offer solutions for teams of any size and budget.

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