Recover from an IT Disaster


Do you fear having to manually recreate and reload your files after an IT disaster?

There is a better way with JK.


Just think about the effects of a total loss of your data to your business. At JK Technology Solutions we offer a comprehensive Backup and Data Recovery service that will protect you from a catastrophic system failure or cyber breach. We offer cloud-based backups that can be performed once or multiple times throughout the day depending on the needs of your business.

An IT disaster can strike at any time, so preparation is key. An effective backup and recovery solution is critical to protect your business and ensure business continuity.

We utilize ISO 27001 Certified software that meets and exceeds most regulatory requirements. Backups are encrypted meaning the backups can be accessed only by using a onetime use encryption key that must be provided by a JK Technician. This ensures that even in the worst of disasters your backups are safe and protected.

Experience personalized service the way it should be. Experience a better way with JK.