JK Technology Solutions Partners with Bell Works Chicagoland


JK Technology Solutions is excited to be the IT service provider for the new Bell Works Chicagoland! We’re one partner of many here to provide top-of-the-line services and speed to its tenants. Now known as Bell Works Chicagoland, the former AT&T research facility will serve as a hub for retail, restaurants, and office spaces for suburbs – all under one roof. The “Metroburb” will have both wired and wireless internet, boasting higher speeds and more secure connections. In addition, we serve as the facility’s source for managed IT services, keeping businesses running smoothly as they should.


From the Ground Up


Somerset Development is an experienced development company focused on creating well-designed and functional spaces. After designing Bell Works New Jersey, Somerset saw potential in the former AT&T building in Chicago’s suburbs. However, the 1.65 million square foot facility has been vacant since 2016, presenting unique challenges. They knew that an updated network was the next step to get the space up to date to fulfill Somerset’s vision. After the success of Bell Works New Jersey, Somerset sought the networking experts at Allied Telesis. Because of the scale of the New Jersey facility, Somerset knew they could trust Allied Telesis for their next big project in Chicagoland.


The Allied Telesis engineers used existing networking cables to build newer and better systems. With an updated design made for the needs of businesses, tenants can enjoy a fast and secure network without interruptions. That’s where JK Technology Solutions comes in – working side-by-side with Allied Telesis to build a facility beyond Chicago’s expectations.


Integrated and Managed IT Solutions


Because of Somerset’s collaborative approach, each process of the facility’s upgrade was met by a diverse group of experienced experts. JK Technology Solutions worked alongside Allied Telesis to learn the network and how it would fit into the facility’s integrated plan. Because each tenant can expect a state-of-the-art system, keeping the network running smoothly with fast and easy access to HVAC and security systems is essential.


Because we know the network’s foundationsJK Technology Solutions can offer residents of Bell Works Chicagoland access to our team of IT professionals. In addition, with our managed IT services, the solution to their problems is a quick chat away.


24/7 Helpdesk


From problems with cell phones to recovering data, JK Technology Solutions’ helpdesk is available around the clock for fast and reliable solutions. That means that a knowledgeable, US-based IT tech is available at any time, day or night.




We’ll keep your workspace updated without interrupting the flow of your day. That means we work with your team to schedule system updates while you’re away to keep everything running smoothly. That includes security updates to keep you safe and protected.


Network Management & Monitoring 


Our IT pros know the network inside out since we were right there building it! Since we know the system’s inner workings, we are able to keep it up and running without interruption and minimal maintenance. Additionally, we’ll monitor the network for updates and potential security risks.


Cybersecurity Management & Threat Monitoring


Keep security risks at bay with cybersecurity management from our IT experts. We’ll monitor for threats, provide training, and keep antivirus and firewalls up to date. Any type of business can be the victim of a cybersecurity attack, so we’re there to protect your data. Not only will we keep your data safe and secure, but we’re also here to help in case of a breach. Our data recovery experts can get your personal data back faster!


Regulatory Compliance


Many industries require compliance for the protection of sensitive data. Whether it’s financial information or personalJK Technology Solutions keeps your business compliant and in service. Our team is knowledgeable on staying compliant with various industries and regulators.




As the facility’s all-in-one IT service, we’re able to provide troubleshooting both in person and over the phone. We’ll solve any problem, no matter how complex. Our experienced IT experts are a simple phone call away!


About JK Technology Solutions


With over 100 years of combined experience, JK Technology Solutions has well-rounded and knowledgeable IT experts for small to medium-sized businesses. We specialize in giving personal, customized services that fulfill every customers’ needs. We’re excited to offer our comprehensive range of managed IT services to the residents and businesses of Bell Works Chicagoland, keeping businesses running smoothly and securely.


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