Is Your Business Ready To Grow?


You are a pro at running your business. You understand the dedication, long hours, hard work and most of all the passion for success you bring every day. You’ve beat the odds and survived the early years. 

You are proud of what you have accomplished, and you should be. In business nothing is given and everything must be earned.

Now you’re ready to thrive, to grow and to take it to the next level.


I share these traits with you. I’m Justin Kelm, President of JK Technology Solutions and I have spent the past 16 years building JK into a solid small business focusing on servicing small and medium sized businesses, just like yours and mine.

Our number 1 focus is on customer service with a simple philosophy, take care of our clients and they will take care of us. We enjoy a 5 star Google rating and work hard to maintain it by making sure we are there for our clients when you need us.


As Small Business owners, we know what it is like to make the tough decisions, pay the bills and to sign paychecks for the families that depend on us… and when necessary to put the needs of our employees ahead of our own.


I also understand the demands placed on a growing business. As your business grows so does your need for, and reliance on, new and updated technology. Business technology is constantly evolving. New systems and ways of conducting business is a constant challenge for businesses today. The growth of a remote workforce has put strains on business systems and the growth of the cloud is changing how we operate. 

It seems that no matter how much time and energy you put in you just never seem to get ahead or even, …  just catch up.


That is where the team at JK Technology Solutions comes in. We take the burden of managing your technology systems off your plate, freeing you up so you can focus on managing your business. 

We currently manage technology systems for over 300 clients, in over 10 states with a client retention rate of over 95%. Our 24/7 tech support in based here in the USA. 

Our staff gets to know you, your business, your employees, and your systems. You also get to know our team. You will be greeted by a friendly technician who knows your business and is ready to assist you. 

We become a part of your extended team working together to continue to build on the success you have achieved and the success yet to come.


Take the first step and give us a call. 

Together we will put a plan in place that will turn your business technology systems into effective, efficient components that will improve your ROI and help you focus on and grow your business.