Why Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity


When you start a small business, your to-do list is long, and resources are short. Cybersecurity services may not be at the top of your list of services you partner with, but it’s a critical component of your company’s well-being and success. You may think only large corporate companies are subject to tragic data breaches and cyberattacks. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case as most small business owners believe their cybersecurity is at risk, according to the Small Business Association. So, let’s dive into cybersecurity for small businesses and how you can guard your company from ruthless cyber attacks. 


Common Cyber Threats for Small Businesses

Before we jump into why cybersecurity is critical for small businesses, we should get more specific on cyber threats. The term “cyber threats” covers a multitude of online invasions. So, what should you be aware of as a small business owner? Typically, these are the most common cyber threats for businesses and require a preventative plan to defeat them.

  • Phishing – This type of threat frequently comes in the form of suspicious emails. The network or device is infected if someone opens a link or attachment from a phishing email.
  • Viruses – You’re probably familiar with computer viruses. This type of threat spreads through computers and other devices to steal information.
  • Malware – Malware is another common threat that consists of software designed to wreak havoc on computers, networks, and servers
  • Ransomware – This threat can also come through phishing emails. The distinguishing feature of ransomware is infecting vulnerable data and then demanding money or another ransom for the data to be restored.
  • Spyware – Spyware goes a step further from just stealing or infecting information. Spyware criminals will send out this information without any consent.


Cybersecurity protects your customers

We know how much you value your customers. They are like family! So, you can protect your customers and their most vulnerable information with a cybersecurity plan in place. Online shopping has never been more popular, so people expect the information they provide to be protected. Additionally, when you can show potential customers their data is secure, it builds trust. 


Your customers’ trust is critical for success with internet businesses! If a potential customer doesn’t trust your website security, or worse, has their information hacked, your business loses trust. Therefore, using preventative cybersecurity features like antivirus software and firewalls will help protect your customers from cyber threats.


Cybersecurity protects your business

You’ve worked countless hours to build a business you’re proud of, so protecting your data and information is crucial to avoid a devastating breach. Cybersecurity provides the necessary protection, so your business website, network, and data are secure. In addition, using multiple layers of cybersecurity protection will fight the unique threats your business and employees may encounter.


To protect your business from cyber threats, features like a password management system and encryption. A password management system helps ensure your employees’ passwords are not compromised. Additionally, encrypting data and hard drives will keep your most important company information safe from cyber threats.


Cyber attacks are more sophisticated 

With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, everyone in your company must be aware of potential cyber threats. Cyber threats most often come through phishing emails to unsuspecting employees. Phishing emails look more legitimate these days, making it easier for someone to click into a phishing attack. Training your employees (whether there are 10 or 100) consistently on potential cyberattacks will help you protect your business and customers.


Additionally, since cyber attacks are constantly evolving, managing protection and recovery on your own is nearly impossible. If a breach occurs, it’s incredibly time-consuming to recover any lost data and stop the threat without any cybersecurity resources. This also takes you away from growing and maintaining your business. In order to stay up to date with cybersecurity for small businesses, it’s critical to partner with a professional cybersecurity services company. These technology and cybersecurity experts will protect your data and customers’ data and help recover any losses from a cyber threat. 


Trust IT Professionals with Your Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity services give you protection and peace of mind for your business. While you work tirelessly to grow your business, our IT and cybersecurity professionals work tirelessly to keep your network and data away from cyber attacks. Whether you need to start from scratch or overhaul your current cybersecurity features, the experts at JK Technology Solutions are here to help. 


We specialize in cybersecurity services and offer 24/7 detection and response for the most vulnerable attack vectors. JK Technology Solutions provides endpoint protection, network security monitoring, and cloud application protection. Our professional team uses a specific and proven method of protecting your business and eliminating threats. We are dedicated to protecting your business from harmful cyber attacks so you can run a successful business without interruption.


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