5 Reasons Your Business Benefits from Managed IT Services


Brand new small businesses and long-standing medium-sized businesses have something in common. They both benefit from managed IT services. Business owners might think they can satisfy their IT needs with solely in-house IT staff. However, many IT maintenance and security needs are critical for your business’ health that in-house IT staff can’t address completely. Managed IT services help to solve that problem along with a long list of other benefits. So, here are the top managed IT services benefits for your business.


1. In-house staff has time to devote to revenue-producing work and larger projects

Let’s say you have a whole team or just a couple of employees dedicated to your company’s IT assets. If they are constantly in crisis and prevention mode, helping to fix hardware issues, fixing network outages, or staying up-to-date with phishing scams, then there’s no time to use your technology team to build the business. That’s why a managed IT services team benefits your business.


You can leave the IT monitoring, management, maintenance, and protection to managed IT services, and your in-house staff can focus on more revenue-producing work and large-scale projects. You will see the difference in your business when your technology team members have more energy to focus on building the business!


2. Streamlined processes save you time and money 

IT services have systems and processes from years of experience working with multiple clients. Their streamlined process saves your team money and time in the long run. You don’t have to wonder how to set up an IT help desk because a managed IT service company already has a proven system.


However, working with an experienced and knowledgeable technology firm committed to serving your needs is important. For example, JK Technology Solutions operates a 24/7 USA-based help desk. That means you are never far from getting the support your business needs if there is an issue or question. So, when you look for managed IT services, make sure they have streamlined processes in place and the experience and commitment to back them up.


3. Your business is actively protected from cyber threats 

When many people think of managed IT services, they think of maintaining the company’s IT assets, so the network and devices properly function. However, another critical side of managed IT services is cyber security. An experienced technology company will not only manage your IT assets but will also provide complete cyber attack monitoring and prevention.


This cyber security protection benefits your business because you are left to do what you do best, run your business. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the constantly evolving cyber threats because there is a team of cyber security experts working behind the scenes and training your team on being proactive.


4. Businesses have one point of contact instead of multiple specialists 

Suppose you hired a cybersecurity specialist and then another IT professional company to assist with your cloud backup. Eventually, it’s too difficult to manage all of the multiple contacts and specialists. With managed IT services, you have just one point of contact instead of multiple specialists across different companies. 


Not only does this simplify your day-to-day business, but this also makes your IT services more efficient. One team works together to maintain and protect your IT services and can easily answer any questions you have while solving problems quickly. In addition, using one managed IT services company instead of multiple specialists is more affordable for your business in the long run.


5. Managed IT Services help you plan for the future 

The primary focus of managed IT services is to keep your business running smoothly and effectively, but these services can also help you build your company for the future. An efficient and experienced managed IT services firm will maximize your current hardware and software and provide guidance on services or tools that your company could benefit from. Using managed IT services can help you discover new hardware or software that’s the missing piece for your business. We want you to reach new clients and build long relationships with existing customers, so we will always help you find more cost-effective and efficient IT solutions.


JK Technology Solutions serves your managed IT services needs

Once you decide to invest in your business and team with managed IT services, it’s time to find the right technology company that values your business and quality work. JK Technology Solutions specializes in managing technology systems for small to medium-sized companies. Our commitment to the highest quality service and resources for all budgets sets us apart. We also operate a US-based help desk with 24/7 support, so you are never without the help you need. Contact JK Technology Solutions today for a free initial consultation, and we can discover how to serve your company’s unique technology needs best.